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Pet Cat Dog Foot Clean Cup Cleaning Tool Silicone Washing Brush Paw Washer

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1. Does your dog always mess up your floor? do not worry! This paw cleaning cup is exactly what they need!
2. No more dirty floors!
3. Dogs will get dirty, they don't care about tracking the dirt in your house at all. It seems that dog paws are designed to capture as much dirt, dirt and grass as possible.
4. Use his paws to clean the cup and be especially careful with your dog to clean his small paws.
5. Just add some water and introduce your dog's paws, then just press the handle three to five times and the cup brush will start to rotate.
6. Your dog's paws will glow in a few seconds!
7. If your dog's dirty paws darken your floor, please control the situation and end the paw print parade.

1. 360-degree clean, soft silicone bottom
2. Press the handle to automatically rotate
3. Easy and convenient, the bifurcated brush head
4. Double cleaning

Product information:
Name: Pet foot washing cup
 Material: ABS engineering plastic, silver ion antibacterial silicone brush

Size: 152.5mm(L)*91mm(W)*131.5mm(H)

Color: pink, blue
Suitable for: small and medium-sized dogs and cats

1. When putting in clean water, do not fill the cup too full, because the water in a clean cup can easily overflow. Please refer to the water level line outside the clean cup for filling.
2. Please check if your pet's nails are too long before cleaning, so as not to affect the use.
3. When cleaning, the wolf toe should be aimed at the crack of the lid. The silicone pad at the bottom can help further clean the soles of the feet.
4. After cleaning, wipe off the excess water on the silicone asphalt sheet outside the sole of the foot and dry it with a towel.
5. Before washing your feet, you can appropriately use the dog's favorite food as an inducement to increase the pet's interest. When the action is completed, give food as comfort and encouragement!

Package Contents:
1 x foot cleaning cup

Color: Blue and yellow