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Warm Belt Big Aunt Artifact Girl Massage Belly Warm Palace Treasure Electric Heating Vibration Belt

by eprolo
Original price £22.04 - Original price £32.98
Original price
£22.04 - £32.98
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Size: XL

Rated voltage: 5V

Power: 6.5W

Heating temperature: 45°C (blue)-55°C (white)-65° (red)

Temperature control range: 45°-65°

Body care parts: waist protection, warm palace, warm heart and stomach

Product function: hot compress, vibration

Product selling point: portable, light and thin, washable, three-speed temperature adjustment, six-speed vibration, timing

Material Fabric: Lycra fabric

Controller gear: 3 gears

Control line length: 30CM

Warm the uterus

Not afraid of uterine cold


Warm uterus more comprehensive

Let the "aunt" have nowhere to attack

Warm the uterus, warm the body, tighten the lower abdomen, assist in wrinkle removal


Wormwood sachet + massage

Double the effect of absorption

A large area of wormwood bag fits the body and cooperates with acupoints for intimate care


Fever with full abdominal coverage

Warm the uterus quickly

A large area of warmth fully covers the palace cold and dysmenorrhea

Gentle heat release heat


High frequency vibration

Soft belly and good complexion.

Three-stage vibration massage mode, adjust the appropriate vibration frequency at any time



Wear without feeling

Thin and light new experience as thin as 0.23MM

Breathable, no sweat, no balls, no feeling of wearing


Three-speed temperature adjustment

Can be used both during menstruation and non-menstrual period

3 levels of temperature to meet your different needs, easy to drive away the cold and continue to warm

The whole abdomen and lower abdomen are no longer cold


Portable power supply

No feeling of walking

Mobile power supply, intimate battery pocket USB power supply equipped with mobile power supply

Small battery pocket for power bank


Multi-part care

Cold protection

Elasticity can be adjusted at will, suitable for hot compresses in multiple parts

Positive and negative dual-purpose cold protection and health care

Warm the uterus / protect the waist / warm the kidneys / warm the stomach

Whole body washable

Keep clean


Exquisite gift box packaging

For girlfriend/family

Exquisite gift box packaging girl heart pink

Capture her heart


Product name: warm palace belt

Rated voltage: 5V

Power: 6W

Power Bank: 5000mAh

Heating temperature: three temperature ranges 45° (blue light) 55° (white light) 65° (red light)